Download Audacity 3.0.4

AudacityEvery artist related to music or sound has heard of the incredible audio editing software, Audacity. Audacity is a powerful, popular and free open source audio editor and recorder which is beloved artists all over the world. If you want to record or edit audio files, Audacity is the first thing to pop on your mind. Users can use Audacity for recording purposes, removing noise, mixing clips, applying effects and what not. Moreover, it is a free software which is as good as a paid audio editor.

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Download Audacity 2.8.4

AudacityAudacity is an open source polyglot application software, devoted to record and edit sounds. It is a famous software available for Windows, macOS, and some specified operating systems. This application is highly efficient to execute quantity of recorded audios from different sources and users can also use for post-processing audios which includes podcasts as well. It has quite a lot of features for their users to record and adding effects to sounds, trimming, fading in/out of audio clips etc. It has an advanced technology to make ringtones, transfer tapes and records to computer and CD, mix tracks and splitting them respectively.

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Download Audacity 2.7.8

AudacityThe Audacity is a free and a cross platform audio software developed by “The Audacity Team” which was created by Dominic Mazzoni. The app is an audio editing software which can be used as an audio editor and recorder. The software is a cross platform software developed for all the operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Ubuntu. The app has many different plug-ins sound effects which can be used for various editing of an audio. It has a smooth user interface and editing in the software is easy and user-friendly. The recorded and edited audio can be imported to the file manager easily with the desired settings. The songs can be managed as a DJ player by mixing various beats and sounds into it.

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Download Audacity 2.7.4

AudacityAn audacity is a software devoted to encode and transmit audio recordings from multiple sources. This application is accessible for Windows and some specified operating devices to record and edit sounds carrying an open source professional audio editing platform. Users are able to work with variety of file formats as it claims to support multiple file editing from different platforms. Audacity can import and record live audios that can be modified using different tracks simultaneously. It delivers features like cutting, copying and mixing variety of sounds in tracks. Audacity is entirely free and safe software for operating systems and it provides controlling tools with single screen dashboard to show sampling screens, so that users can easily add visual tracks and control it by using mouse for editing purpose. Continue reading

Download Audacity 2.6.9

AudacityAudacity is a software that can be used for multi-lingual audio recording preferred by the millions of people around the world to record and edit sounds. This application is available for Windows, macOS, and some specified operating systems. It can also be used for post processing audios that includes podcast recordings. It supports audio from multiple sources and have several features that can use for adding effects to audios, trimming, and normalization of recorded clips. Audacity is completely free and safe to download in any operating system. This software application offers a single screen dashboard that shows sampling screens with some control tools. The user can easily add visual tracks to screen and control it by mouse for the final result. Continue reading

Download Audacity 2.6.7

AudacityAudacity is a free open source digital audio editor , recorder and mixer. It gets supported with almost 36 languages . The word audacity means , audio mixer. It is widely use in mixing frequencies and developing notes. The app was developed by a free group which named themselves as the audacity group. It holds millions of customers from a journey of eighteen glorious years. In addition to recording from multiple sources , audacity can be used for post processing of all types of audio, including podcasts by adding effects such as normalization, trimming and fading in and out. It can be also used for recording and mixing of entire albums. But it lacks the dynamic equalizer controls and real time effects while recording, in its architecture. The audacity has gained its popularity among students and teachers too. Its interface is slightly not easy for everyone to handle.

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