Download Audacity 1.3.12 Beta

AudacityAre you a music fanatic who loves to mix and shuffle songs? Audacity is the right app for you. It is basically an open source digital audio editor that helps the user edit audio. The app is free of cost and is easily available for everyone wanting to use it. Audacity also allows the users to record their own audio and edit it. The software is available on most platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS and other such platforms. Audacity is written in C++ and is delight for anyone who is looking for an audio editor that is free of cost.

Features of Audacity v1.3.12

  • Free of cost- Audacity is absolutely free of cost and is very easily available on the internet. Users can download the app for free.
  • Supports recording- Audacity allows the users to record live audio through microphone and mixers.
  • Enables editing-The main agenda of the app is to allow users to edit audio through a computer software. Audacity helps users to edit audio without any difficulty.
  • Better sound quality- Audacity promises great sound quality as compared to the other audio editing apps available in the global market. It supports 16-bit,24-bit and 36-bit audio files.
  • Export/import files-Audacity allows the users to export and import audio files in order to mix them without having to pay for any of it. The user can import and export files from various different locations.

How To Download Audacity?

The software is available for download in the link given below. Click on the link to start downloading Audacity.

Downoad Audacity

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