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AudacityAn audio editor and recorder- Audacity is one of the finest application in this field and is of great help to all the music lovers. The latest version of Audacity i.e. Audacity 2.2.2 has improved a lot, has fixed all the bugs that were present in the previous version and has even added certain new features. Audacity not only allows you to record and edit music, but you can even mix certain pieces of music to create a remix. Apart from that, the application supports all versions of Windows PC, Mac and Linux too. The most amazing features of this application are stated below.

Features of Audacity 1.3.14Beta

 The new version of the application has improved contrasts in both light and dark themes.
 One can export the recorded audio in a more compressed manner and that too in any format, without any loss of data.
 Audacity allows you to record live audio without any problems.
 You can even change the pitch and speed of the audio while editing it.
 Audacity can even convert CDs and cassette tapes into a digital form of audio.
 The application is an open source application which means that the users can modify it too.
 Audacity even supports plugins, which enables the users to add extra features to the application.

How to download Audacity 1.3.14Beta

These were some of the most remarkable features of Audacity. The application even comes with a guide manual,  which you can download and learn how to use Audacity. You can download the application from the link provided below.

Downoad Audacity

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