Download Audacity 1.3.8 Beta

AudacityAudacity is a free user-friendly multi-track audio editor and recorder developed by a group of volunteers from all around the world available on both Windows as well as Mac OS X. It is an open sourced cross platform solution licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) meaning anyone can use, redistribute or modify the software. The interface used by Audacity is available in various languages.

Features of Audacity 1.3.8 Beta

  • It has the ability to digitize recordings from other media sources such as tapes or cassettes.

  • It can also record live audio through any audio mixer or microphone.

  • Audacity can combine and edit audio files in various file formats such as WAV, FLAC, MP3, OGG and includes the ability to edit multiple files at once.

  • It features support for 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit files

  • It can convert various file formats and sampling rates using an high-quality re-sampling and dithering process.

  • It features support for LV2, LADSPA, Nyquist, VST and other Audio effect plug-ins.

  • Audio editing has never been simple before. You can now cut, copy, paste and delete in a single click.

  • Audacity allows users to go back undo or redo unlimited operations in a sequential manner enhancing work productivity.

  • Advanced plugin manager allows to easily add or remove effects from the menu.

  • You can easily change selection and tracks using a wide range of keyboard shortcuts.

  • Frequencies can be visualized and selected via the Spectrogram mode which also shows a detailed analysis of the frequencies.

  • Easily change the pitch or speed of an audio recording and add numerous effects to the audio.

How to Download Audacity 1.3.8 Beta?

Download this open sourced professional level audio editing software from:

Downoad Audacity

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