Download Audacity 1.3.9Beta

AudacityAudacity is a free digital audio editing and recording software available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and other operating systems. It is an open source recording application which is used for audio editing. This app allows a user to record live audio tapes and edit them according to how they want it. Audacity can be used to convert tapes into digital recordings as well as CDs. The app was founded by Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg in the year 1999. Audacity ap first came into the market on 28 May, 2000. This app can be used for post-processing of audio recordings by adding effects to the recording. Audacity app is easier for the user to use as the application is written in C and C++.

Features of Audacity 1.3.9Beta

  • Themes-This feature gives 4 options to the user to chose. The user can decide on what look and feel he prefers
    for the app. The app is highly customizable and hence is preferred by many users.
  • Timer recording-This feature allows the user to set a timer on when to start and end a particular recording which makes the app more accessible for the users.
  • Multitrack mixing-This feature supports multiple channels with sampling up to 96kHz with 32 bits per second.

How to download Audacity 1.3.9Beta

To download the Audacity app, click on the link given below. The download will start automatically. Click install after downloading and you are ready to go.

Downoad Audacity

A must have app for all music editors who love playing with tunes.

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