Download Audacity 2.0.3

AudacityAn open source multilingual digital audio editor and recorder application is AUDACITY. It is
used to edit and record sounds. It is free and works on operating systems like Windows,
MAC OS and Linux. Audacity was started by DOMINIC MAZONNI and ROGER DANNENBERG in 1999. As part of a research project at Mellon university Audacity was initially released in May 2000. As of October 10, 2011, it was considered as the 11th most popular download with 76.5 million downloads.

Features of Audacity 2.0.3

 Post-processing of all types of audios, including podcasts by adding effects like normalization, trimming and fading is done by Audacity. It has also been used to record and mix entire albums.
 Plug-in installation, adding and removing of effects, generators from the menus can be handled by plug-in manager. We can also change the pitch without altering the tempo.
Audacity imports sounds files, edits them and combines them either with other files or new recordings. Different file formats are supported.
 It can be used to perform number of audio editing and recording tasks such as making of ringtones, mixing stereo tracks etc.
 It has been used to record live audio using a microphone and it can even capture streaming audio
 It automatically converts tracks with different sample rates and formats in real time.
 It provides easy editing with cut, copy, paste and delete. It can edit and mix large number of tracks in which multiple clips are allowed per track.
 It can create voice-overs for podcasts or DJ sets using Auto Duck effect. It has other built-in effects like echo, limiter, reverse etc.

How to download Audacity?

Now enjoy audio editing by simply downloading the software with a click on the link provided.

Downoad Audacity

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