Download Audacity 2.0.5

AudacityAudacity multi-operational national digital audio editor and recorder application. It serves by editing and recording the sounds. The main thing about this application is that it is completely free. It was available on windows, mac OS and Linux operating systems. Dominic Mazonni and Roger Dannenberg started this application in the year of 1999. It was released as the part of the research project at Mellon university. It has got 76.5 million downloads till the date and marked as 11 th most popular application.

Features of  Audacity 2.0.5

 This app can create voice-overs for podcasting or DJ sets with the use of Auto Duck effect.
 Effects like echo, limiter, reverse etc., are the worth mentioning features of this audio editing application.
 User can perform editing with cuts, copy, paste and delete operations for mixing large tracks with multiple clips.
 The best feature of this application is that it can be used to record live audio with the use of a microphone.
 Different formats of files can be supported and can also be imported, edited and combined together.
 It contains plug-ins for handling the installation, adding and removing the effects from the menus.
 Pitch of the audio can be changed without altering the tempo of the track.
 Tracks with different sample rates and formats can be easily converted in real time automatically.
 Features of normalization, trimming and fading can be performed on the audio tracks including podcasts in this app.
 It is also used to record and mix the complete albums.

How to download Audacity 2.0.5?

Enjoy your own customized audio tracks through Audacity by clicking the link given in the article. Click it and install the app in your device.

Downoad Audacity



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