Download Audacity 2.2.3

AudacityUsed in a number of software including Microsoft Windows, OS x, GNU / LINUX and many more , Audacity is an easy to use application that is a multi-track editor which is simply made for maneuvering music and audio for rendering and editing purposes. With up to date features, the application is boon for music lovers. Unlike other applications, this application is simple to use, high in quality and absolutely effective when it comes to music management. This applications understand the various types of needs and caters to a large number of people since it is formulated in a number of languages, including Chinese, Bulgarian, Danish, Irish, Italian, Macedonian, Vietnamese, English and Welsh.

Features of Audacity 2.2.3

The features of Audacity application are many including –

1. The application has a theme that the users can select. there are four different themes from which the users can choose and customize the application on their own, making it feel more comfortable to use.

2. The application has features such as scrubbing, timer record, MIDI playback, Punch and Roll recording with give a push to the editing procedures while making a track different from its original version.

3. Cut, copy, paste options are present in the application but the best part is the unlimited undo options. Now you can move your way through a number styles and undo the styles that you wish to unselect without hesitations or the fear of using your original edit.

4. There are a number of digital effects that are added in the editing procedure .

How to download Audacity 2.2.3?

The application can be downloaded from the link provided below-

Downoad Audacity

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