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AudacityMusicians and singers who are desperate to exhibit their talents to the world. But one major glitch that they experience will be regarding recording and mixing. While those who have enough financial resources will purchase a software and high-end equipment. But budding singers will not be able to put in money. Audacity helps such people by providing all its advanced audio recording and mixing features for free. We shall look more into the features of Audacity and how to download it.

Features of Audacity 2.2.6

Here are few of the features that Audacity has to offer which makes it stand out among other audio recording software.

  • It is completely free- All the features of Audacity are for completely free, even those features which other software provide for money.
  • Excellent Recording- It helps you to record live audio through a microphone or a mixer. You can also digitize recordings from other sources.
  • Import or Export- It allows you to import files, edit them or re-record and export them in multiple formats,
    even many formats at a time.
  • Export in multiple sound qualities- You can now export your recordings in multiple bitrates like 32-bit, 16-bit and 24-bit.
  • Support for Plugins- It allows you to use many plugins like LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist and Audio-Unit effect plugins.
  • Easy Editing- It makes editing easy with cut, copy, paste and delete. You can also undo and redo any
    number of sequential steps. And there is much more that Audacity has to offer.

How to Download Audacity 2.2.6?

To experience all the features of Audacity, download it from here

Downoad Audacity

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