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AudacityWant to come up with amazing audio quality podcasts? Audacity is the answer. It is an audio editor software which is open and free to be downloaded and used by anyone. Developed by the Audacity Team, it was the 11 th most popularly downloaded software from SourceForge as of 2011. The software is kept free mostly because of its wide popularity among students and teachers. It is the winner of 2007 and 2009 Community Choice Award for Best project for multimedia and has recorded a whopping 76.5 million downloads.

Features of Audacity 2.3.5

Features of Audacity include-

  • Works on Windows, macOS/OS X, and UNIX softwares.
  • Recording from multiple sources and post-processing of audio.
  • Scrubbing, Timer record, MIDI player and Punch and Roll recording is available.
  • Cut copy and paste with unlimited undos.
  • Modern multitrack audio software features- navigation controls, single track edit, zoom, project pane and XY project navigation, non-destructive and destructive audio effect.
  • Amplitude envelop editing can be done.
  • Cassette tapes and records can be converted to digital audio.
  • Additional digital effects can be added and written with Nyquist.
  • LADSPA and Nyquist support.
  • Multi-channel modes can be supported with sampling rates up to 96 kHz and 32 bits per sample.
  • Dropout errors can be detected automatically.
  • Libsndfile library enables the import and export of WAV, AIFF, MP3 file formats.

How to download Audacity 2.3.5?

Audacity is available for Windows and Mac as a 32 bit application. This can be used in 32bit and 64 bits as well. To download Audacity for your device, click on the link, select the correct file and follow the further instructions.

Downoad Audacity

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