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Audacity is a software devoted to encode and transmit audio recordings from multiple sources. This application is accessible for Windows and some specified operating devices to record and edit sounds carrying an open source professional audio editing platform. Users are able to work with variety of file formats as it claims to support multiple file editing from different platforms. Audacity can import and record live audios that can be modified using different tracks simultaneously. It delivers features like cutting, copying and mixing variety of sounds in tracks. Audacity is entirely free and safe software for operating systems and it provides controlling tools with single screen dashboard to show sampling screens, so that users can easily add visual tracks and control it by using mouse for editing purpose.

Features of Audacity 2.7.7

Features of Audacity:
Audacity is dedicated to export/import audio recordings using multiple formats and file sizes instantaneously.
 Audacity offers a features of digitize footage and live audio recordings from different media platforms.
 It has an important feature call spectrogram view mode through which users can visualize and select audio frequencies.
 It also has a shortcut keyboard system to operate recorded tracks.

How to download Audacity 2.7.7?

 Users must browse for application downloading link to access this software.
 User can select any downloading version that match with the operating system.
 Tap on the download button and save the file on desktop folder.
 Now user can go for installation process and install other plug-ins as well.
 After installation process completed, user can run the software.

Download Audacity 

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