Download Audacity 2.8.0

AudacityAudacity is a free software to record voices for good quality. It is free of cost so, it is worth it. This app also helps to better the quality of voice by editing it. Without the usage of mic, voice quality can be improved. Bring the inner musician in you out and experiment with this software.

Features of Audacity 2.8.0

  • Audacity improves the voice quality and helps to edit it.
  • Youtubers can efficiently use this app.
  • With or without the mic, the quality can be improved of the voice.
  • Echo can also be produced with this application
  • Background noise can be reduced.
  • It helps to record voice and edit it within the application.

How to download Audacity 2.8.0?

  • ¬†Click on the given download link.
  • Download it and install it on your PC.
  • Now to record or edit the voice.
  • You can either drag your recorded file or record it on the software.
  • Click on the red dot of record and start recording your audio.
  • You can also listen your raw audio before recording it.
  • Now to get rid of background noise, highlight the area of background noise.
  • Now go to the tab effects> noise reduction > get noise profile and now by double-clicking select all.
  • Again, go to effects tab> noise reduction. You can check the background noise is removed.
  • After noise reduction. Go to effect> equalisation>select curve > add bass boost. This helps to deepen the voice and add bass.
  • Go to effect> compressor you can change the different settings.
  • Go to effect> normalize> oK for normalizing the voice
  • Now you can cross check your voice and you can easily find your sound gets improved.

Download Audacity

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