Download Audacity 3.0.3

AudacityAudacity is a free to use open source software which can edit and record multiple audio tracks for Windows,Linux,Mac OS X, and many more operating systems. The software is created by a group of volunteers who believe in the freedom to use the program for anyone ,however, they like. So the program is distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL).As a result, Vendors can sell or distribute copies of the program without being charged.

Features of Audacity 3.0.3

  • As being a general Sound editing Software Audacity a pretty sleek and easy to use interface .While the interface of Audacity can be translated into many languages. This GNU General Public License (GPL) program can be used for Recording live Audio.
  • Recording Computer playbacks on Operating system of Windows Vista
    and any Windows prior to that.
  • Easy to edit MP3,MP2, Ogg, AIFF ,WAV sound files
  •  Converting Records and tapes into digital recordings.
  • Having multiple sound effects for editing and recording.
  • Supporting M4A/M4R (AAC), AC3 ,WMA sound formats using
  •  Letting the users Cut Copy and mix soundtracks together.

How to download Audacity 3.0.3?

Since Audacity is free software, users can easily find it on the link given here-

Download Audacity

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