Download Audacity 3.1.7

AudacityAudacity is a free and open source software that can be used for multi-lingual audio recording. This software is preferred by the people who love and engaged with the world of sound recording and editing audios. Users on audacity can easily use post processing audio feature which includes podcast recordings as well. It offers a single screen dashboard showing sampling screens by applying visual tracks to screen and control it with tools like mouse for the final touch.

Features of Audacity 3.1.7

  • Audacity has a feature to record live audios and digitize footage from other media sources and it also has spectrogram view mode to visualize and select audio frequencies.
  • Audacity also includes some features like envelope editing, mixing multiple sounds and scrubbing etc. and it can record running audios using these features.
  • It can export recordings to different format and import multiple files at once and also can edit, combine sound files.
  • It provides easy editing with Cut, Copy/Paste, delete and in addition to that undo/redo options are available as well.

How to download Audacity 3.1.7?

Downloading process of Audacity:

  • User must click on the downloading link to get this software on the device.
  • To complete the installation process user has to double click on Audacity executable
  • Now user can install other plug-ins required by Audacity.
  • After a successful installation process user can now use the application on his/her device.

Download Audacity

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