How to change Audacity’s language?

Audacity can run in many non-English languages. By default, Audacity runs in the same language as that of your operating system. If you picked any language during the Windows installer then it would be for the interface of the installer only.

You can either change the language of Audacity from the Interface Preferences or modify the audacity.cfg file to change the language.

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Changing language through Preferences

To change the language of Audacity through Preferences, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Audacity.
  2. Open the Interface Preferences.
  3. From the Language box, choose the desired Language.
  4. Click Ok.

Most of the elements will change the language instantly, but a few will change after you start Audacity the next time.

Missing Languages

  • If you can’t find languages other than English or System then it may be that the Language folder isn’t in the correct location or is missing.
  • This can be fixed by reinstalling Audacity.

Changing language through Audacity.cfg

To change the language of Audacity through Audacity.cfg file, follow these steps:

  1. Quit Audacity.
  2. Locate the Audacity.cfg file. (In order to see the Audacity settings folder on Windows, Linux and OS X 10.7 or later, you may need to show hidden files and folders.)
    • Windows: Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Audacity
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/audacity
    • Linux: ~/.audacity-data
  3. Edit the .cfg file with any text editor.
  4. Find [Locale] line in the .cfg file.
  5. Now change the language by editing the text underneath. E.g Changing “Language=en” to  “Language=de” sets German.

Supported languages

  • af Afrikaans
  • ar Arabic
  • hy Armenian
  • eu Basque
  • eu_ES Basque (Spain)
  • be Belarusian
  • bn Bengali
  • bs Bosnian
  • bg Bulgarian
  • my Burmese
  • ca Catalan
  • zh Chinese (Simplified)
  • zh_TW Chinese (Taiwan)
  • hr Croatian
  • cy Cymraeg (Welsh)
  • cs Czech
  • da Danish
  • nl Dutch
  • fa Farsi (Persian)
  • fi Finnish
  • fr French
  • ga Gaelige
  • gl Galician
  • ka Georgian
  • de German
  • el Greek
  • he Hebrew
  • hi Hindi
  • hu Hungarian
  • id Indonesian
  • it Italian
  • ja Japanese
  • km Khmer
  • ko Korean
  • lt Lithuanian
  • mk Macedonian
  • nb Norwegian (Bokmal)
  • oc Occitan
  • pl Polish
  • pt Portuguese
  • pt_BR Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • ro Romanian
  • ru Russian
  • sr_RS Serbian (Cyrillic)
  • sk Slovak
  • sl Slovenian
  • es Spanish
  • sv Swedish
  • tg Tajik
  • ta Tamil
  • tr Turkish
  • uk Ukrainian
  • vi Vietnamese

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