How to create custom ringtones using Audacity?

Unlike old cell phones, modern-day smartphones can be customized easily and users can set their own ring tones and answer tones. This tutorial will help you to prepare ringtones for your smartphone using Audacity.

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How to create custom ringtones using Audacity?

1. Finding out File Format for your Phone

Before you proceed to make ringtones for your smartphone, you will need to find out what type of file format is supported by your phone for ringtones and whether the file needs to be mono or stereo.

There are many different formats of ringtones, but generally, they fall into three main categories.

Music Ringtones:

These include digitally sampled audio files in formats such as .MP3, .WAV, . AMR, and .QCP.


These include multiple notes being played at the same time and the file formats include .MIDI, .sp-midi, and .mmf.


These include just a single note at a time, usually in .RTTL format.

2. Selecting the ringtone

You can either record audio using your microphone or import an existing audio file.

To import an existing audio file;

  1. Go to File > Import > Audio and select the file inĀ MP3, MP2, WAV, AIFF, OGG and FLAC format.

3. Select the portion of the ringtone

Once you import your file in Audacity, you can then select the portion of the audio for your ringtone and then import it.

To select the portion of audio you want to use for ringtone;

  1. Select a portion of audio that you want to use for the ringtone. Let’s say 10-15 seconds. Click on the audio track and drag a selection region to left or right with the mouse.
  2. As the phones loop the ringtones automatically, so, choose accordingly.
  3. To play the selected region in a loop on Audacity, hold down Shift and press the Play button.
  4. Now to trim that region, go to Edit > Remove Special > Trim Audio. This will trim the selected audio selection from the rest of the audio.

4. Converting Stereo to Mono

Many phones may require mono ringtones. So, it is better if you convert your ringtone to mono.

To convert from stereo to mono;

  1. Click on Track Control Panel and select the Audio.
  2. Now Press Ctrl/Command + A and then go to Tracks > Mix > Mix Stereo down to Mono.

5. Exporting the ringtone

To export the ringtone;

  1. Set the required sample rate in the Project Rate control on the Selection Toolbar.
  2. Now go to File > Export > Export Audio.
  3. Select your desired format from “Save as type” dropdown menu.
  4. Your ringtone will now be exported and ready to be used on cell phones.

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