How to Split a recording into separate tracks?

Like many other mixing features, Audacity allows you to divide a relatively long recording track into separate tracks for export so, each separate track can be extracted as a separate file.

You can burn files separately on an Audio CD or play these on a music player.

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How to Split a recording into separate tracks?

To Split a recording into separate tracks follow these steps:

1. Remove unwanted audio

  1. From the Selection Toolbar, set Snap-To to Off.
  2. Click on Skip to Start button.
  3. Now drag the selection to start of the tracks.
  4. Now Edit > Delete.
  5. The unwanted section of the track will be removed.
  6. Click on File > Save Project > Save Project to save your work!
  7. Labeling the Songs

Marking the first song!

  1. Click on Skip to Start button.
  2. Click on Edit > Labels > Add Label at Selection or press Ctrl + B.

Underneath the audio track, a new label is created!

Marking the rest of the songs!

3. Maximize the volume of the recording

It is important that you maximize the volume of the recording because the recording most probably won’t be at the maximum volume.

  1. Click on Select All or Press Ctrl + A.
  2. Now Effect > Normalize.

This will maximize the volume of the recording.

4. Exporting the Soundtracks

To export the soundtracks;

  1. Click on File > Save Other > Export Multiple.
  2. From the pop-up menu, choose the export format such as 16-bit WAV for CD burning or MP3 for other purposes.
  3. Click on Choose button and pick the file location where the exported tracks will be saved on your PC.
  4. Under Split Files Based on section make sure that Labels is checked and Include audio before first label is unchecked.
  5. Under Name Files section make sure Using Label/Track Name is checked.
  6. Now click on Export.

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