How to Sync-Lock Track Groups using Audacity?

There is a special feature found in Audacity known as Sync-Locked Track Groups. This feature is enabled by the “Sync-Lock Tracks” menu item. This feature makes sure that the length and position changes occurring anywhere in a defined group of tracks also take place in all audio or label tracks in that Sync-Locked track group even if those tracks were not selected.

This allows you keep existing audio or labels synchronized together even when carrying out actions like inserting, deleting or changing speed or tempo.

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How to Sync-Lock Tracks?

You can turn off or on the Sync Lock tracks by going to Tracks > Sync-Lock Tracks.

By default, it is turned off. When you will turn on Sync-Lock Tracks does not immediately realign tracks or labels. Tracks and labels are froced to remain synchronized if they move after Sync-Lock Tracks is enabled.

In the Track Control Panels, you have to look for the Sync-Lock icons to check if tracks are Sync-Locked.

How to Sync-Lock Track Groups?

It is possible in Audacity that any audio track can be in a group of one or more adjacent tracks that can be Sync-Locked with other tracks in that group.

  • If you want to create a single Sync-Locked Track Group, you have to keep the tracks adjacent to each other. With Label track, the group can be terminated.
  • If you want to create many Sync-Locked Track Groups, the terminating label track is optional only for the last Group. Every group coming before Sync-Locked Track Groups must be terminated with a label track to delimit them from adjacent Groups.
  • A Sync-Locked Track Group may have multiple label tracks as long as the label tracks are together at the bottom of the group.

When you see that the Sync-Lock is ON an icon is shown at the bottom right in the Track Control Panel of each track in a Sync-Locked Track Group, provided at least one of those tracks is selected. This icon indicates that all tracks that are going to be affected when an audio is inserted or deleted in a selected track.

The unselected tracks in the Group that will be affected are denoted by a patterned “Sync-Lock” selection in the waveform instead of the dark gray of a normally selected track.

How to select group for sync-locking?

When you select even one track from inside a Group this is going to mark that specific group as Sync-Locked, the icon will appear in the Track Control Panel of all the tracks in that Group.

If you have multiple Groups then clicking on a track in a different Group will cause the Sync-Lock selection to move to the new Group. Many groups can be selected to be sync-locked.

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