How to use Audacity’s Punch and Roll Record feature?

Audacity has a special feature called Punch and Roll Record which enables you to correct and fix the errors that you make during your recording sessions.

While recording, when you make a mistake, you can stop, back up over the mistakes and then continue on your recording session. This results in only one single track which is properly timed without the using of cutting, pasting or mixing of multiple tracks.

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How to use Audacity’s Punch and Roll Record feature?

Before you continue, we advise that you:

  • Tune the latency correction settings for your audio interface so, playback and recording are synchronized.

Start Recording

Begin your recording session as usual by clicking on the Record button from Transport toolbar or Transport > Recording > Record or pressing the R key.

If you make a mistake whilst recording then press the Stop button from Transport toolbar or pressing the Space key.

Choosing a splicing point

  1. Select a point in the recording before you made the error. You must select a time within the recorded clip.
  2. You may either your estimate to find out the duration of the error or guess by the waveform.
  3. You may want to play the audio to find the appropriate splicing point.
  4. Be aware that the Punch and Roll feature will discard the splicing point as well as the audio following it.
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Using Punch and Roll Record

You can now use the Punch and Roll Record feature from Transport > Recording > Punch and Roll Record or press Shift + D on your keyboard.

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The Punch and Roll Record feature will:

  • Delete the selection and track following the selection.
  • Play the pre-roll audio.
  • When the splice will be reached then Audacity will automatically switch to recording mode and you can make the correction and continue on recording.
    [Source: Audacity]
  • The repair recording will continue on recording until you stop it manually with the Stop button or by pressing the Space button.

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